WatchMojo, one of the largest top 10 denizens of the online listverse – rank a vast array of people, places and things every day – providing us with countless hours of miscellaneous trivia to pursue. While there are many topics that have been covered from virtually every angle imaginable, their collection of lists about 1990’s culture are a fairly accurate snapshot of the exciting, albeit formidable, decade. I’m not saying that you will win at Trivial Pursuit 90’s edition by watching these lists, but you may be able to snag a few pieces of pie. Here is a list about lists, a ranking of rankings – the best WatchMojo top 10’s that commemorate the nineties.

Number Ten

The “Trends” list looks at general pop culture happenings during the decade. IRC, Bayside High, the famous 90210 zip code, NWA, Will Smith, fanny packs, Friends, Tony Hawk and the great beanie baby boom are all highlights of this time capsule video.

Number Nine

The “Decade Defining Songs” list shows how some of the top new rock acts of the day released zeitgeist-defining music. Alternative acts like Green Day, Oasis, Beck and Nirvana have all rightfully taken places on this list.

Number Eight

The “Television Sitcom” list focuses on the comedy shows of the decade. Will Smith, Tim Allen, Christina Applegate, Helen Hunt, John Goodman, Jennifer Anniston, and Jerry Seinfeld – some of Hollywood’s top comedic talent spent time on the small screen during this decade. The sardonic 90’s was the birthplace of the sarcastic wit and observational humour that permeates much of the comedy of today.

Number Seven   

The “Cheesiest One Hit Wonders” list is for the true 90’s enthusiast, or, those who are not easily troubled by the earworms of decades past. Fair warning – Haddaway makes an appearance, Hanson as well, and a list on this topic would not be complete without a little Vanilla Ice.

Number Six

The “Top Movies” list is a snapshot of the movies that received acclaim, iconic status and as WatchMojo cautions, may not be the movies that your film professor would select. With this list you will find yourself wanting to choose the right pill, keep quiet about fight club, see Pixar take the lead in pioneering computer animation, quote the irresistibly quotable Forest Gump (as well as Arnold Schwarzenagger and Samuel L. Jackson), enjoy epic Scorcese story-telling, and order a Royale With Cheese in place of your next Quarter Pounder. Many movies made in this decade are still highly watchable today – generally, movies from the nineties are good – period.

Number Five

The “Ridiculous Music Videos” list is a flashback to some of the most hilarious videos that were made during the decade – taking the cheese factor over the top and into the realm of ridiculousness. Hammer pants, a song dedicated to the g-string, a video presented in “aqua scope”, and frightening CG blue aliens are highlights of the videos that made this list.

Number Four

The “Hard Rock and Heavy Metal” list showcases the varied metal and hard rock that dominated the 90’s. Industrial, “nu-metal”, funk-inspired – ranging from metal greats like Ozzy to pioneers of “rap-rock” like Durst, this list paints an angst-filled picture manifested in epic riffs and guitar solos.

Number Three

The “Decade Defining TV show list”- from sci-fi to sit-coms; David Lynch to David Duchovny; George Clooney to George Costanza – this list explores the television shows that are most associated with the decade in pop culture today.

Number Two

The “Horror Movies” list demonstrates the significant genre shift that occurred during the 1990’s. The decade played host to a little Clive Barker, the vertigo-inspiring Blair Witch Project, Gary Oldman as Dracula, and a Peter Jackson zombie gorefest. Perhaps the most genre-relevant horror film of the decade, Scream, naturally comes in near the top, trumped only by the Oscar-winning Silence of The Lambs, likely because nothing is more frightening than horror inspired by real-life events (one of the film’s characters is loosely based upon the notorious serial killer Ed Gein).

Number One

The “Alternative Bands” list features some of the bands who pioneered the music that truly defined the decade. Many of these acts are still touring and popular today, including the Foo Fighters, (who, due to their awesomeness, may now actually be the biggest band in the world). Weezer, Green Day, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead – a fitting tribute to some of the most the enduring nineties music.