Torry CastellanoI once attended a small show in Toronto where The Creepshow headlined and I regret that over the years I have forgotten the name of one of the opening acts – because I was really impressed by their performance.

I think it was the first time I had truly taken note of a female drummer at a live show. My friends and I were close to the stage, we were captivated by her – the sexy blonde drummer wearing stiletto heels– and expertly playing drums. Since that show, I have always watched for females who play drums, and am amazed when they do so in high heels – because while I definitely do not have the co-ordination to play drums myself – I most certainly would be even worse at it in a pair of 6 inch Louboutins

In honour of these brilliant and fashionable percussionists here is a list of some of the world’s best female drummers – these girls kick ass so be sure to check out the videos below. Caution – drumming in heels is totally possible – but only if you are as talented as these ladies!

  1. Lux DrummeretteDrumming In Heels

Talented and beautiful, Lux does not deny that it is a challenge to play in heels, she has even created an informative Youtube video on the subject if you are interested – you can find it here. Lux plays fast – as a metal fan she enjoys playing the most esteemed metal classics. She briefly joined horror punk band Nekromantix in 2009 – I saw her perform live at Lee’s Palace with the band shortly after she joined – absolutely love her.

  1. Meytal Cohen

A unique take on some pretty awesome metal music – Israeli born and classically trained, Meytal Cohen is a phenomenal and interesting percussionist. Check out her unique take on System Of A Down’s hit song Toxicity.

  1. Torry Castellano

Torry kept the epic rock beat for The Donnas from 1993 – 2010, sadly announcing her retirement in 2010 due to injury/tendonitis – she is definitely missed.

  1. Sheila Escovado (Sheila E)

Working with Prince truly brought this gorgeous woman the notoriety she deserved – active since the mid 70’s – Sheila has been hitting drums for decades – and she is amazing!

  1. Gina Schock

Another female drummer who has been working in the music industry since the 70’s. Gina got her start as the drummer for new wave band The Go-Go’s – the original girl band – they found “the beat” with Gina’s excellent drumming.

  1. Meg White

Forming The White Stripes with her former husband Jack White, Meg was one half of the duo that delivered popular hypnotic rock-rhythm hits such as Seven Nation Army and Fell In Love With A Girl. While Jack has continued to produce music since disbanding (and divorcing) – Meg, naturally shy, has been relatively quiet post-White Stripes.