Too Faced – High Value Shadow

too faced caseSephora – is basically a candy store for girls who love make up – and I really love make up. Girls who love make up experience the same level of delight wandering aisles filled with colourful glosses and shadows – as children surrounded by a shop interior filled with lollipops and sugar drops. My Sephora addiction started when stores first began popping up in Toronto back in 2004 – today I try to reign in my purchases by selecting high value items and steering clear of trends that will fizzle out quickly. I always appreciate a good product line with items that retail for a decent price – while still incorporating quality ingredients (and cute packaging never hurts). Sephora offers many brands to accommodate a variety of customers – from sophisticated luxury to fun/quirky girl of the moment – and the girls who work there are always helpful if you are interested in trying something new. My current favourite eye shadow line available in stores is Too Faced – a deliciously affordable, cruelty-free brand with gorgeous eye shadow palettes in pretty (and yummy) packages – that prove to be well worth the investment.

I am very picky about eye shadow – I expect a shadow to blend well but stay in place, and I also care about the texture and scent. I find that many of the drug store brands do not have a nice texture (some of them will even break like chalk) and can have a funny smell. Dior makes my favourite eye shadow palettes and the superior quality and texture is difficult to live up to – but Too Faced has impressed me. I intended to buy Dior on my last visit to Sephora, but I was sold on the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection instead. The palette includes the following shades: Heaven, Silk Teddy, Nude, Cashmere Bunny, Push-Up, Honey Pot, Sexpresso, Erotica and Chocolate Martini. Each shade blends easily with the others to create an array of different looks, and the palette can easily take you from day to night with a nice progression of shades from light to dark. Natural Eyes was my top pick because I prefer working with brown shadows for my daytime make up, that said, for the affordable price and incredible value I will probably pick up The Cat Eyes palette on my next visit as I have green eyes and this palette will be the perfect compliment.

Be sure to check out the awesome Too Faced palettes below – high value shadow – highly recommended!

Natural Eyes

natural eyes

Cat Eyes

cat eyes

Chocolate Bar

chocolate bar

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

semi sweet

Boudoir Eyes


 Love Palette


The Return of Sexy



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