I don’t necessarily believe in sweeping statements – but the Dog Collar necklace has never fallen out of fashion…

H&M Velvet Choker: www.hm.com

H&M Velvet Choker: www.hm.com

Historically, there has always been someone willing to make a bold fashion statement with this time-tested accessory. Also known as the “choker” and the “collar” – necklaces worn tightly against the neck dates back throughout history as a favourite fashion accessory. In French history it is documented that the dog collar was once worn by aristocratic women to show solidarity with those who met the unfortunate end of the guillotine’s blade – showing your dark side is never a bad thing in fashion – (just like the ever-brilliant (but often dark) “Enfant Terrible” – may he rest in peace).

The dog collar has many strengths as an accessory, drawing attention towards the face, accentuating the neck – an erogenous zone for many – and it is versatile. Different looks result based upon the materials used to construct the neck piece – for example, a pearl or gemstone dog collar will add elegance to a formal outfit where a velvet, lace or tattoo style can add a little fun to a more casual outfit. Fall 2015 has resurrected the trendy “tattoo choker” of the 1990’s – with many stores stocking the tight plastic variety of collar necklace – and for those who don’t like wearing a tight necklace, an actual temporary tattoo version (I found my sheet at Winners) is available for transferring directly to the skin (perfect for a night out dancing in my opinion).

The choker is also a very easy necklace to make for those who enjoy DIY. I prefer to make my own costume jewelry, and where the choker is concerned this is the best way to ensure the proper fit for your necklace. All of the supplies required can be purchased at your local Michaels or crafting store – be sure to download the Michaels app and find coupons in your area – because you can always get a deal at Michaels on at least one of the items you buy – and it can be as much as 40% off. If you are interested in DIY, here is a great Youtube video that shows how easy it is to make your own simple necklaces (there are many other DIY videos available).

So go shopping or make your own – regardless, there is a style that will suit pretty much every occasion. Back in stores with a vengeance this Fall, here are a few collar necklaces to give you a head start on your quest for the perfect choker!

ASOS – Lace

asos lace

Forever 21 – Curved Bar  


ASOS – Tattoo

tattoo choker

H & M – Pearls

hm choker pearl

ASOS – Velvet

velvet choker

Polyvore – Chain

chain choker

Polyvore – Metal & Zirconia