StainsAs a counterbalance within the ever popular “chick flick” genre – there are some pretty great films that retain characteristics of the genre while twisting the concept enough to create a little vinegar – ultimately offsetting the anticipated saccharine films of this category. A chick flick is really just a movie that appeals to women en masse – but perhaps not as often to males. Movies such as The Craft, Wild Things and Spring Breakers are a far cry from Clueless, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants or the Bring It On series – making them seem like odd inclusions to the chick flick genre – however, they do meet the criteria. Not to say that males would not enjoy these movies too – but rather, that many men might easily discount them as “chick flicks” before settling in to realize how much darker these movies actually are.

Darker films like the ones on this list sparsely dot a landscape populated by much lighter fare. The dark side of female relationships are explored and exploited in these movies – the jealousy, the smeared make up, the tears, angst-filled exchanges, the gritty love between true best friends and the fierce intensity between enemies. The female characters in these flicks will throw down for their best friends – and vow to destroy their enemies at all costs. Fiercely loyal and passionate, the love between die-hard best friends pretty much always comes first – and this dynamic can never be messed with – it’s unshakeable.

Trouble is par for the course for the ladies in many of these movies, with criminal ties solidifying friendships – or tearing them apart – chaos and turmoil in abundance. Each movie, in its own way, demonstrates how relationships between girls can escalate – in either direction (love or hate) – very quickly.

Here are 10 intensely fabulous must-see dark chick flicks:

1 Spring breakers

2 Foxes

3 The Craft

4 Foxfire

5 The Runaways

6 Ladies and Gentlemen Meet the Fabulous Stains

7 Wild Things

8 Girl Interrupted

9 Heathers

10 Jawbreaker