Pixi Stix – the cutesy shop name my friend and I were considering to showcase our love of the floral arts – in our early 20’s we were two cutesy pixie girls with the right skills, dynamic, creativity and drive to open up a successful shop. My friend had a lot of management experience and had previously completed floral arts training – I had marketing experience and some knowledge of the day-to-day operations of a flower shop. I was fresh out of university, working a desk job and she was a shop girl – with no start-up capital – Pixi Stix never came to be and we moved on with our lives.

Pixi Stix would have been a lovely shop – we had great ideas – we understood then, as we do now, that girls live to be the recipient of a flower delivery (despite the fact that the flowers always wither away and die). Even though a flower shop experiences seasonal ups and downs (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.) – there is a year-round market for guys who want to leave a lasting impression (well… that, weddings and funerals). We had no doubt then that our shop would have been profitable given our collective love for a perfectly arranged bouquet of fresh cut flowers – and were we living in the same time zone today, we likely would have opened our store.


Undoubtedly we have entered into a new era where one might naturally assume the traditional bouquet of flowers has become passé – but a floral arrangement is a sensory experience that cannot be replicated – the scent, texture, and visual appeal of real fresh cut flowers is a gift that, in many ways, cannot be substituted. A bouquet of flowers should not be thought of as a lasting gift, rather, it should be thought of as an experience intended to create a lasting memory.

So… Do Girls Actually Want You To Bring Flowers???

Pragmatic people may doubt the appeal of such temporary delights – but how different is a bouquet of flowers from a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates? Flowers may seem to be a waste of money because you can’t keep them forever (you can, in fact, press them or dry them, but that’s beside the point) – girls still want them. A beautiful flower – plucked at the height of its glory – obtains its permanence through our association with the moment it was first bestowed upon us. As moments themselves are fleeting, the sensory experience we have when we first lay eyes upon a beautiful bouquet of flowers meant just for us – helps us to create lasting memories of a time when we feel most loved and appreciated.


Girls do want flowers – and guys want to be memorable. Even when relationships end – we still want to know we will live on in the hearts of the ones we have left behind – and the successful candidates who end up on the fabled “ex-lovers who got away” list – more than likely – always remembered to bring flowers.