Depeche Mode & The Irresistibly Damned

i feel youDepeche Mode lyrics often get right to the point and with poetic elegance. Listening to multiple tracks from the band’s discography – a story emerges from the Depeche Mode catalogue. Song to song, album to album, one could argue that Depeche Mode has been telling the story of an irresistible but ill-fated romance – for the better part of the past 40 years. Here are ten examples of Depeche Mode lyrics, highlighting the darker side of a passionate, albeit doomed, love affair:

1 It Doesn’t Matter (1984 – Some Great Reward) 

“If we should meet again, Don’t try to solve the puzzle, Just lay down next to me, And please don’t move a muscle.”

2 Stories of Old (1984- Some Great Reward)

“I’ll probably burn in hell, For saying this, But I’m really in heaven, Whenever we kiss.”

3 Dangerous (1989 – Violator B Sides)

“Dangerous – The way you leave me wanting more – Dangerous – That’s what I want you for – Dangerous – When I am in your arms – Dangerous – Know I will come to harm”

4 Sweetest Perfection (1990 – Violator)

“The sweetest perfection – To call my own, The slightest correction Couldn’t finely hone – The sweetest infection Of body and mind – Sweetest injection – Of any kind”

5 Enjoy The Silence (1990 – Violator)

“Vows are spoken – To be broken, Feelings are intense – Words are trivial, Pleasures remain, So does the pain – Words are meaningless – And forgettable”

6 I Feel You (1993 – Songs Of Faith & Devotion)

“I feel you – Your precious soul – And I am whole – I feel you – Your rising sun – My kingdom comes”

7 One Caress (1993 – Songs Of Faith & Devotion)

“Oh girl – Lead me into your darkness, When this world is trying it’s hardest – To leave me unimpressed – Just one caress – From you and I’m blessed”

8 In Your Room (1993 – Songs Of Faith & Devotion)

“In your room – Where time stands still – Or moves at your will – Will you let the morning come soon – Or will you leave me lying here”

9 It’s No Good (1997 – Ultra)

“Don’t say you’re happy – Out there without me – I know you can’t be – ’cause it’s no good”

10 Only When I Lose Myself (1997 – Ultra)

“There’s a thousand reasons Why I shouldn’t spend my time with you – For every reason not to be here I can think of two – Keep me hanging on – Feeling nothing’s wrong – Inside your heaven”

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