Citizen Edge October 14th 2015 – 6 Awesome Female Percussionists

Image credit can be found on
Image credit can be found on

My original title for this article was “Drumming In Heels – Six Awesome Female Percussionists” – sometimes when you pitch a story little changes are made and that’s ok! While I still like my original title, I’m really just happy that this piece was picked up for a wider readership – because drummers often do not get the credit due to them – especially the girls!

After The Edge posted this article on October 14th, a comment came in stating that perhaps Meg White should not be on this list. When I was writing the piece I was not sure if I should include her… in the end I decided to go ahead and add her in – recognizing that she may not be as talented as the other ladies on the list. I opted to keep Meg and place her last on the list – because of her band’s overall contribution to new rock and my belief that the memorable beats that accompany the most popular White Stripes hits deserve a nod (even if these beats are much simpler than anything Lux or Meytal are playing).

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