Citizen Edge October 8th 2015 – Ten Examples Where Bad Religion Lyrics Said It Best

Image Credit: See article on
Image Credit: See article on

I’m really glad The Edge decided to pick this blog up. I like to offer them pieces that speak to new and exciting music as well as articles that speak to new rock’s roots, influences and history. Bad Religion is a likely influence for many new rock acts experiencing regular play on the station right now.

I have had the privilege of attending a few Bad Religion shows over the past 20 years – and every show has been just as great as my first (…digression:  where my friend’s boss drove us to downtown Toronto on a school night (and… my mom insisted I go to school the next day even though I arrived home at 2am), the Supersuckers opened – and I tried my first (unsuccessful) attempt at sneaking into the cordoned off beer garden – par for the course when you’re barely a teenager attending your first real punk rock show – and by that I mean, a punk rock show that was not organized by my friend Vicky – or where I did not attend school with one of the band members…).

Published on on October 8th, if you have not read the article you can find the radio station’s version here: 10 Examples Where BR Lyrics Said It Best or if you prefer to stick with WordPress, I originally posted this piece on September 8th and you can find the original here.

Thanks for reading!


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