Fall Fashion: Socks + Sandals

Steve Madden Shoes + H&M Socks
Steve Madden Shoes + H&M Socks

Once upon a time there was a trend, unisex in fact – knit work socks + Birkenstock sandals… I have to admit, I am not exempt from this one, I suffered the itchy woolen socks for a season – before moving on to much better ideas. Socks and sandals can be best friends – but that old 90’s trend is best left behind (the plaid blouses of the time – different story) … there are much better ways to wear a pair of socks with a pair of sandals.

Steve Madden Shoes + H&M Socks
Steve Madden Shoes + H&M Socks

If socks are going to be worn exposed, they can be as interesting as you like, but should compliment your sandal choice. We don’t always get to show off our cute socks – this is an opportunity to splurge on a fun pair.


Sandals with leather straps and heels are perfect for wearing with a pair of great socks, ribbon, canvas, velvet – any sandal can be paired with the right sock. Knee high and thigh high socks can be an excellent way to stay warm while wearing a skirt and heeled sandals – also – an alternative to wearing stockings. With pants or jeans – rolled up boyfriend jeans will expose the sock and skinnies can be worn with socks pulled up over the jean, or cropped/turned up with ankle socks.


Wearing sandals with socks exposed is a cute way to extend the use of shoes you would otherwise put away until spring – why give up on wearing your favourites earlier than you need to!


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  1. most girls thinks wearing socks with sandals looks too odd manly for parties but after seeing the socks in this post i have changed my opinion that if we wear these types of socks with sandals we can get more people’s attraction due to superb socks specially like white and pink colored socks with flowers.


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