Fashion: The Fishnet Stocking…

fishnets black

The fishnet stocking dominates retro fashion websites/social media accounts – and is also very popular with fans of the retro pin up girl look. Fishnets also remain popular in the dance world (not just burlesque) because of the diamond shape openings which allow the dancer’s skin to breathe – and the way that fishnets accentuate the curves and angles of a woman’s legs. Fishnets haven’t always been considered popular attire for “regular” (translation – chaste) girls – ill-reputed – rumoured to be worn only in bordellos and by sexual fetishists – fishnets have spent much of history hiding in the proverbial “shadows”.


However, the style eventually became a fashion fixture starting in the 1960’s/1970’s. Over the past forty years or so fishnets have experienced an increase in mainstream popularity – as they rightfully should! Any girl who is a fan of the fishnet knows that these stockings are closet essentials – making any girl a total knockout when paired with the right skirt or dress.

The fishnet comes in a variety of colours and styles – while black is traditionally the most common – nude is also a must!

DKNY fishnets

A few fishnet pointers…

  • Put on your stockings BEFORE wearing any bracelets and/or rings, check your fingers and toes for any broken or chipped nails that may also cause a snag…
  • Depending on your choice of footwear, a small, barely there sock worn under the fishnet will save your feet from any cross-hatching imprints (which can be uncomfortable if you will be on your feet all day) – try a sock meant for wearing with heels that will remain hidden under your shoe…
  • Buy the correct size – if a pair of fishnets are too big they will look strange behind your knee and at your ankle…
  • Invest in a good pair – don’t buy the cheapest pair you find – fishnets are not the same as regular pantyhose – try a department store like The Bay or a shop that specializes in hosiery such as Legs Beautiful
  • Try wearing a pair of fishnets over top of a pair of bold colourful tights to create an interesting look (while also keeping warm in cooler weather)…

fishnets over tights


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