Of late I typically write in the comfort of my loft room, that said, sometimes I prefer to find inspiration in the decor of other places. My fortune to have joined a very creative family certainly helps – the family business is an interior design shop specializing in luxury Kitchens and Baths. My father-in-law attended art school, my mother-in-law has dabbled in many creative pursuits and has become a master in the art of directing her creative vision (she is essentially an expert in design without the degree) ┬ámy husband’s Aunt paints and self-publishes novels from the comfort of her home in New Brunswick (where the family originates from) – naturally, my husband is also a gifted artist and designer.

Even with the formal design training my husband and his father have benefited from, it is truly my mother-in-law who has an eye for design and a gift for fine details – she always pulls a room together with her expertise, aesthetic and wise decorating choices. Case in point – her stylish dining room.

Dining Room Dissection


Dissecting the design elements of this room is relatively easy – the room’s inspiration began with the window treatment – a focal point for the space. The window has painted wooden blinds so selecting drapes to properly frame the window was the first design choice that was made. The walls were painted in a colour that works well with the fabric, the buffet is the only element in the room that was not curated after the selection of the drapes.


The dining table was recently upgraded to the round table that is in the room today. The table is an eclectic piece with a story of its own – it was originally constructed by a master carpenter from discarded stair risers. The table was sent out to be painted and refinished, resulting in a colour and painting technique that would match the space. The chairs were purchased to compliment – selecting four standard chairs as well as two feature chairs for additional seating and to balance the room by placing one at each end of the buffet (the buffet would fit well on the set of Mad Men as it is an original piece of that era).


The mirror was selected and added to the space to reflect light from the window and add to the overall finished look of the buffet. Finishing touches such as a great rug, chandelier, candelabra, small vases of cut flowers, an orchid, bowl of fruit – have all been added to complete the space – but can easily be changed at any time to create variations to the look in the future.


The room is a creation tailored to my mother-in-law’s tastes and specifications – a stylish place to dine and an inspirational space suitable for engaging in creative pursuits – such as writing a lifestyle blog on the subject of interior decor.