Three Reasons Why USS Live Is – “The Best”

USS: Ashley Ashley Buchholz (aka Ash Boo-Schultz) and Human Kebab (Jason Parsons)

A pair of “musical chemists” – basically the Walter White and Jesse Pinkman of sound – Ashley Boo-Schultz and Human Kebab (Jason Parsons) carefully extract raw elements from various musical genres with mass appeal and fashion a unique sound experience – inciting nothing short of a wild dance party – to follow wherever they may roam.

While the brilliant USS (ubiquitous synergy seeker) started out in Ontario north of Toronto (Markham and Stouffville, respectively), their popularity has rapidly spread across Canada like a raging prairie fire. Take Edmonton for example – Alberta’s “festival city” – has mad love for USS. A city of approximately one million, Edmonton radio never misses a chance to interview Ash and Kebab or showcase them as musical guests – one station even features a weekly radio “mixshow” with Kebab. Whether performing in Toronto, Edmonton or anywhere in-between, playing for Canadian fans coast-to-coast has undoubtedly afforded USS the attention of a very large Canadian audience – a likely result of being really great guys (in addition to their creative song-writing and limitless energy on stage).

USS headlined the 2015 CASBY awards with a performance that clearly demonstrated the secret of their success to date – the ability to truly connect with a crowd. Before I breakdown the particulars as to why you should never miss an opportunity to see USS live – I would be remiss not to mention that the band did in fact win a CASBY in the Favourite New Song category for the song Shipwreck from their 2014 EP Advanced Basics.  While accepting the award, they were also presented with gold records to commemorate another Advanced Basics success as their management took the stage to announce the certified Canadian gold status and milestone for the single Yin Yang – ubiquity found.

Three Reasons Why You NEVER Want To Miss A Live USS Performance


Obviously investing your time and money into attending a live performance is a decision initially made based upon how much you actually enjoy the music. USS have released one album (Questamation) and a few EP’s, with the most recent, Advanced Basics released last year. A live USS performance will include songs from their discography with Ash playing his guitar and singing, a live drummer, and Kebab on turntables. The band’s live performances are powerful and all-encompassing – the duo truly make it difficult for even the staunchest “I-don’t-dance” partygoer to stand still.

2015 CASBY Performance @ The Phoenix Concert Hall Toronto, Ontario


Incredible showmanship – you hear reality television shows talk about this very thing all of the time. Talent is great, but without stage appeal a performance can fall really flat. Both Ash and Kebab hold their own on stage – but it is definitely Kebab who makes it his mission to hype the crowd and get everyone dancing – and he also likes to crowd surf. Ash is big on sing-a-longs – so learn his lyrics – it’s more fun that way regardless!

2015 CASBY Performance @ The Phoenix Concert Hall Toronto, Ontario


USS fans are very responsive to the band’s requests – basically, USS asks the crowd to sing, dance, and fully engage in the band’s live experience – and the crowd obeys – often with the fervor of a resounding chant of “USS”. In short, an audience under the captivating spell of a live USS performance – is a crowd you definitely want to be a part of.

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