Halloween Couture

Some girls will be attending a Halloween party this year that calls for an understated look –  a little Halloween fun without any aim to win a costume contest – occasions such as these call for subtler nuances.

Undoubtedly it is a lot of fun to load on make up and choose an outlandishly fabulous costume with props. However, it can also be fun to dial things back a little and create a Halloween outfit that is inspired by a costume – rather than wear a literal costume.

Creativity is key and the colour palette is simple – Halloween loves blood red, poison apple green, classic black, dark eggplant purple, candy-corn orange and the inkiest blue of the darkest Hallows Eve sky.

If you are attending an elite, conservative party this year begin by selecting the right dress for your soiree – as Halloween truly favours black this is a great time to bring out your best LBD. Don’t dress for your “costume” – dress for your event.

wpid-11117901c5023fee1c1bbc55df354bdc.jpgNext, consider your inspiration – perhaps you are inspired by a witch, a vampire, or a fairy tale character. Once you have a persona in mind, it will be easier to select a make up look to match.

Finally, add small details that do not distract from the fact that you are dressed conservatively for your event.

For example, if Red Riding Hood inspires you, wear a red jacket, decorative scarf or stylish cape over your cocktail dress. If you are inspired by a witch costume treat yourself to a deliciously green manicure. Dorothy of Oz wore Ruby Slippers and Ringlets – if she inspires you –  wear sparkly red heels with your cocktail dress and curl your hair. For a cat inspired look consider wearing a collar necklace and a fur capelet. Cleopatra is another easy inspiration with the right make up and jewelry.

Below are five inspirations for an understated look that will make you feel like you’ve risen to the occasion – by not making a statement with your costume.

Cleopatra Queen Of Egypt


Little Red Riding Hood


Wicked Witch


Black Cat


White Swan