Desi Perkins - Cranberry Smokey Eye

Desi Perkins – Cranberry Smoky Eye

Tired of creating smoke with black and grey? Looking for a variation that will look fabulous AND incorporate gorgeous autumn colours instead? The Cranberry Smoky Eye may be exactly the look you seek.

Cranberry/burgundy, blended well with shades of orange and copper – can be used to create a smoky eye look that deviates from the norm just enough to stand out without overpowering – because we all know that over-engineering an eye shadow look is generally best left for Halloween costumes and stage performances.

Recently I have noticed an upswing in posts about smoky eye make-up techniques. Naturally, this makes sense as we move from fall into winter and attend seasonal events and parties. I follow Ipsy stylist Desi Perkins on her YouTube channel – Desi uploaded an awesome must-see tutorial for a smoky cranberry eye yesterday.

Desi always uses excellent products and techniques AND her conversation during tutorials is equally as informative as it is entertaining – in this tutorial she praises Lady Gaga for her incredible outfits, hair and make-up on AHS Hotel (I agree with her 100%) – I highly recommend subscribing to her channel and/or following her on social media.

Kat Von D - Raw Power

Kat Von D – Raw Power

As for the smoky eye with a cranberry twist – Desi recommends Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadow – fortunately Sephora does carry Kat’s cosmetics line – you can find her Metal Crush shadows online here. MAC also offers a variety of beautiful colours that will help you to achieve this look:

MAC eyeshadow

MAC cosmetics

Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow

MAC cosmetics