Stila My latest visit to the fabulous Queen West salon W Lifestyle (Curious? Don’t worry Toronto girls – I promise I will be writing a blog devoted entirely to praising the many virtues of this awesome salon in the near future…) resulted in a chat about the best “hassle free” cosmetics. My hairstylist of choice, Angela, is a stupendously busy girl – she is literally always on the go. As a much sought after hairstylist and fitness trainer — she isn’t always left with much time between appointments.

Since I am a self-declared cosmetics addict, we discussed a few of the products that I have found to be very easy to use (little fuss or mess) that could fit into her busy routine and save a little time between the gym and the salon. My number one pick for a convenient blush — Stila’s Convertible Cheek Colour.  I use Peony and thought that this shade would likewise work well for her fair complexion and thus strongly recommended she try it.



So, I write this blog with her in mind — because she is the quintessential modern city girl dashing from one place to the next. A busy girl often needs a few great make up “hacks” to simplify looking fabulous while reducing the items she needs to carry in her cosmetics bag — when it comes to saving space, Stila is a clear winner in the cheek (and lip!) department.


Stila offers a shade for every complexion in 12 beautiful colours (in order of appearance below): Camellia (Peachy Brown), Magnolia, Peony (Brownish Rose), Poppy (Deep Berry), Rose (Rosy Pink), Petunia (Coral Peach Cream), Gladiola (Bright Orange Cream), Gerbera (Rosy Peachy Pink), Lillium (Nude Pink), Fuchsia (Bright Pink), Sweet Pea (Bright Pink), and Tulip. You can find all of the available shades on Stila’s website here.

stila colours

If you are always rushing from one meeting to the next, here are a few “busy girl benefits” that are likely to make you fall in love with Convertible Colour!

  • simple packaging and no “cake” to break apart if you drop it or it gets jostled around in your gym bag…
  • easy application – your fingers will work if you don’t have space to carry a sponge or brush…
  • less mess – unlike a powder or stain the creamy formula stays inside the packaging and does not spill into your gym bag or all over the bathroom counter, your collar, etc…
  • increased space – no need to carry lip colour because Convertible Colour can be used on the lips too!