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White Eyeliner is definitely a cosmetics bag must-have – equally as deserving of precious make up bag real estate as the iconic black pencil.

Versatility is really important when selecting foundation items for your beauty kit – products that can serve more than one function will save on space and can also save you money. Trendy eye shadows, lipsticks, coloured mascaras and seasonal items may come and go – but a white pencil should be on hand – always.

A white pencil can achieve multiple looks as a stand alone product, but it can be truly magical when paired with black liner (or any other bold colour you have on hand such as plum, cerulean or emerald) – a black line highlighted by white liner will immediately result in a very dramatic eye effect.

Image Credit: www.makeupandbeauty.com

Image Credit: www.makeupandbeauty.com

The Mod Look

White eyeliner experienced popularity and was considered a trendy fashion item in Great Britain after WWII. The white pencil was adopted by fashionistas belonging to the ultra cool “mod” subculture of the 1960’s – girls devoted to mini skirts, false eyelashes, gorgeous boots and blunt angular hair styles (bob styles that remain popular to this day). The “mods” embraced make up as an important element of their personal style and white eyeliner became a required item for looking cool.

modWhite Eyeliner Uses

White eyeliner can be dramatic alone but many girls who use it today do not always give it the starring role – often using white as an accent or highlight to complete a black liner look – inadvertently making white liner the cosmetics bag staple that it has become today.

white eyeliner

Uses for white eye liner include:

  • Create the illusion of a larger eye – white eyeliner all by itself will make your eyes look wider and this can be great for girls with smaller eyes (watch an online tutorial before attempting the look)
  • Highlight – using white eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye
  • Dramatic effects – use white eyeliner lined tightly against another colour or under eye shadow to change the shadow’s appearance (works really well with metallics)
  • Use as an eye shadow base to boost your shadow’s longevity
  • Brow definition – white eyeliner can be used at the brow bone to help define and shape brows
  • Camouflage – easily hide a blemish if you do not have concealer on hand

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