Reading Preacher for the first time – one of those life experiences that cannot be repeated – the first read through all 9 trades is almost akin to the feeling one experiences when an epiphany strikes or a really great idea takes hold.

Preacher is much like a spark of light in a very dark place or a tall glass of water in the midst of a lengthy drought – if Garth Ennis does not inspire you to reconsider the meaning of life itself – you must be reading the wrong books.

With AMC signed on for a television adaptation set to air in 2016 – there is still plenty of time to read the source material before you get hooked on the show.

Please click the icon below and visit theGeeko website to read my review of AMC’s trailer for the much anticipated comic-to-screen adaptation!


Familiarize yourself with the name Jesse Custer – you’ll be hearing a lot about him after the show debuts next year!


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