Unseasonably warm – a typical Canadian winter this is not… December is right around the corner and we are still experiencing warmer weather – the only snowflakes to be seen are of the macrame variety – sold at your local Christmas bazaar.

I recently picked up the December 2015 edition of InStyle magazine as I was drawn in by the headline “5 New Holiday Beauty Ideas – Bye-Bye Smoky Eye!” – of course I was curious, what could they be proposing?

Among the suggested looks, which include negative space eyeliner techniques, metallic hair accessories and crowns, mirco veils, and icy cool eye shadows – I found the most inspiring of all 5 trends – forgo the smoky eye of holiday events past and add a “Caribbean” colour to your palette.


InStyle recommends trying a sorbet colour – peach, orange, or apricot eye shadow or lip to bring a little warmth to your next holiday event. I decided to try the look and popped over to the store for a couple of inexpensive items – something peachy for my eyes and cheeks (I found one product that could do both jobs) and a bright orange lip colour (I am now in love with this “Electric Orange” shade by the way).

I agree with the magazine, orange and peach can be very striking – my finished look was soft and conservative but I think for a party I would consider trying something a little more exciting! While the magazine article speaks predominantly to the orange spectrum, any bright colour that reminds us of sunsets, beaches and ocean views should do the trick!

Incorporating summer colours and bold brights during Winter is a trend that will have you dreaming of your next paradise vacation while sipping holiday cocktails next to the fireplace.


Additional colours ┬áto consider – yellow, fuscia, blue, green, and purple. Watch an online tutorial (I like the Tropical Nights tutorial below) to show you how to blend like a pro and layer colours that are complimentary. While we slip into our little black dresses this season and battle the winter blahs, this seems like the perfect time to add bright colour to our eyes, cheeks and lips!