leather gloves 2

To say that a winter morning can be very unpleasant would be an understatement. Cleaning off and warming up the car are the necessary evils of a frigid subzero day. Most of us operate on a tight schedule – as soon as the engine is ready and the air vents finally start to circulate warmer air inside the vehicle – we don’t wait for the steering wheel to warm up, we just dash off to that important meeting.

When I am driving I prefer to feel the steering wheel in my hands, which makes the bulky winter gloves I wear to clear the snow off of my car a bad choice. I feel most comfortable wearing leather gloves while driving. Stylish and chic, leather gloves help remove some of the unpleasantness from a nasty winter morning. A cold steering wheel is no fun to operate with bare hands, thankfully, a great pair of leather gloves can solve this problem by providing a barrier to the cold without adding too much bulk.

Here are a few gorgeous leather glove picks for girls who consider themselves to be stylish winter drivers:


Club Monaco


Danier Leather


Club Monaco


RW & Co


Ralph Lauren


Tory Burch


Banana Republic