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Tribute: Scott Weiland & Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots crash landed the new rock scene – erupting in 1993 after releasing the second single from their 1992 album Core. The single, Plush, was released in late spring and turned out to be a big hit for the band. The third single, Creep, followed later that year, also bringing success and more exposure to STP. Frontman Scott Weiland’s gutwrenching vocals on these tracks began to take centre stage in a world dominated by the powerful voices of Cobain, Vedder and Cornell. In the end, Scott Weiland proved to be equally as charasmatic and talented as his vintage peers – men of the highest new rock order.

Stone Temple Pilots – with Scott Weiland – will always hold an esteemed place in new rock history. As one of alternative rock’s founding fathers, Scott Weiland was a dominating force who endured a lengthy and well-documented battle with his  personal demons. While STP is not the last  band to have Scott as a vocalist, arguably, most of his greatest work was realized with them. Scott’s struggle may now be at an end, but nonetheless was often highly publicized during his life. Regardless of media attention, his battle with addiction will never eclipse the fact that Weiland was once the frontman of one of alternatve rock’s greatest bands.

Gone at 48 years old, for nearly a quarter of a century Scott bestowed upon us the precious gift of his talent as an influential musician, vocalist and songwriter. Here are 5 examples of Scott Weiland’s genius – incredible contributions to the history of alternative rock during his time at the helm of Stone Temple Pilots – may his spirit live on.

1 Interstate Love Song

2 Plush

3 Creep

4 Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart

5 Vasoline