Required Audio: The Vaccines


the vaccines

West Londoners The Vaccines have been touring for years and while you may not have heard of them yet, you have likely heard at least one of the very big names they have had the pleasure of opening for. Esteemed rock names that include The Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even The Rolling Stones. Critics have compared their indie rock sound to The Ramones and The Jesus and Mary Chain, not a big surprise given that the band is acquainted with former JMC bassist Doug Hart who has directed videos for them in the past. The band has been quoted stating influences that range “from 50s rock ‘n’ roll through to ’80s American hardcore, and a lot of good pop music” – be forewarned as they deliver on this promise,with their version of a sock-hop-mosh-pit mashup.

The Vaccines formed in 2010 and have three albums to their credit, the 2011 debut What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, the 2013 sophomore Come Of Age in 2012, and the latest album English Graffiti released in May of this year.  The first English Graffiti single, “Handsome” kicked off 2015 with an upbeat tempo and quirky video, the single “Dream Lover” was released as a follow up in March – a track where the band could almost be mistaken for The Black Keys. The latest infectious track to garner attention for the band is the danceable, up-tempo, pop single “20/20”, affording the band commercial success due to its inclusion in advertisements for two very high profile clients.

To judge a band by the company it keeps would be a disservice in many cases. However, The Vaccines have opened for some of the greatest rock bands touring today and have caught the advertising eye of both Amazon and Chase. The company this band keeps, when paired with their highly entertaining music videos and the excellent rock songs they produce  is what truly makes them required audio for listeners – whether you prefer to dance the Mashed Potato or the Pogo – be prepared to dance!



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