The Best Star Wars Top Tens

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The Force Awakens, rightfully so, has turned a well-deserved spotlight onto the Star Wars franchise once again.

Since its release last month the newest installment, episode seven, has occupied a lot of public attention – sparking renewed interest in the original trilogy nearly forty years after its release. The new film’s popularity has filled social media with an onslaught of reviews and spoilers – making it difficult to keep the film’s plot a secret the longer one waits to visit the theatre. Amidst all of the buzz is the undeniable consensus of public opinion – not only is The Force Awakens a great movie, but for fans of the original trilogy, the new sequel is atonement for episodes 1-3 and the similarly unpopular special edition changes made to their beloved episodes 4-6.

Of course, the prequels and special releases of the original films will remain firmly rooted in the midst of Star Wars’ history (forever causing a mild disturbance in the force); but now we have The Force Awakens – a fresh approach, a reverent continuation of a beloved story that does not overshadow or detract from its source, a movie that is entertaining in a timeless manner as surely theatre-goers in the late seventies must have felt while watching A New Hope. To avoid writing a review that could impact your episode 7 experience, the only thing you really need to know about The Force Awakens – is that you don’t want to miss it.

To celebrate the dawn of a new era for Star Wars fans, here are ten of the best Star Wars lists available online (click here for a convenient playlist):

1. 10 Hidden Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know


2. Top 10 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles In Movies And TV


3. 10 Hidden Details In Star Wars Films


4. Top 10 Star Wars Characters


5. Top 10 Star Wars Moments


6. Top 10 Star Wars-Themed TV Episodes


7. 10 Star Wars Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen


8. Top 10 Worst Star Wars Special Edition Changes


9. Top 10 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Facts


10. Top 10 Star Wars Songs


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