To this day Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia is one of my all-time favourite album titles. With the release of a new single and news that The Dandy Warhols are busy working on their first new album since 2012 it seems like a great time to revisit the band’s phenomenal third album – the album that brought the Portland outfit their well-earned mainstream success. The exciting news is not only that the Warhols are back in the recording studio for 2016, but also that the band’s new album will be released on the uber cool Toronto-based Dine Alone Records label – in good company with City And Colour, Yukon Blonde and The Arkells to name a few.

Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia was released at the turn of the century on August 1st 2000 while the band was signed to Capitol records and subsequently was re-recorded live on the 13th anniversary of its release. The album produced a couple of big hits, namely the hauntingly beautiful track Godless and the upbeat, easily recognizable song Bohemian Like You. Similar to Cake’s 1996 release Fashion Nugget, Thirteen Tales is punctuated by the aforementioned recognizable songs (by comparison, for Cake the stand out tracks would be The Distance and I Will Survive) and backed up by its lesser known tracks – making the album 100% worth listening to in its entirety. If you are just discovering The Dandy Warhols you will definitely want to check out Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia.

Here is the band’s newest release You Are Killing Me for those who missed it when it debuted on January 7th:

You Are Killing Me


Here are a few of my favourite Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia tracks.



Get Off


Horse Pills


Bohemian Like You


Sleep (Live Recording)