Diamond Dogs Cover Art – Belgian Artist Guy Peellaert

Jones – as common as Smith – an ordinary English name. David, also a common name, yet a name of Kings – and a name that derives from ancient Hebrew, loosely translating to mean “beloved”. David Jones transformed himself from ordinary to extraordinary as the exotic world-renowned performer David Bowie. As David Bowie, Mr. Jones truly lived up to his given name, becoming one of history’s most beloved artists and visionaries.

Upon the death of a legend who assumed many incarnations during his spellbinding career – Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke, The Goblin King, (to name a few) – it is easy to see why his work will continue to remain a beloved part of our culture well beyond his death – in this, his passing affords an immortality reserved only for our brightest stars. Rather than a review of his latest album, a recap of his life, or a lengthy memorial (there are already so many wonderfully written pieces available including a great piece by Alan Cross); here are a few of my favourite many reasons (far from all of them) why David Bowie is, and always will be, one of the biggest stars we will have ever known – positively supergiant, and beloved by all.


A Lad Insane

The album cover for Bowie’s excellent sixth album Aladdin Sane is one of the images of the icon that will forever remind us of him – the album itself a classic example of his phenomenal talent.



“Ziggy played guitar” and so we listened – and he told us about spiders from Mars and bestowed the gift of amazing songs such as Suffragette City.


A King Among Goblins

A project with the creative minds of George Lucas and Jim Henson behind it required an equally innovative star – to rule the Goblin city and provide an epic soundtrack.


Is There Life On Mars?

In 1973 Bowie released Life On Mars – one of many career-defining moments.–IqqusnNQ


Meet John Blaylock

The Hunger is a hauntingly beautiful film and while Bowie is onscreen less than his female co-stars, his performance is a true highlight. The gothic rock of Bauhaus commences the film with singer Peter Murphy performing the hypnotic Bela Lugosi’s Dead inside of a cage – no coincidence, Bauhaus is one of many acts to have had success covering a Bowie song with their rendition of Ziggy Stardust.


A Little Freddie

Under pressure – two larger-than-life vocalists for the price of one. If the internet had been a thing in 1981 Queen’s release of this track would have likely broken it long before any wealthy socialites could.


Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

Space Oddity is not only one of David’s most recognizable hits – it was also actually performed in space by an astronaut on a space mission and that surpasses cool.



Releasing a new album, new music videos, actively working and promoting right up until his death – leaving us with this song and this video – a final goodbye from our beloved David Bowie.