Required Audio: Grimes – Art Angels


Art pop has found an exciting new voice in Vancouver native Claire Boucher (best known as the singer/songwriter Grimes). Angelic vocals, hypnotic beats, and a cutting-edge pop vision that fits “this moment in time” like a glove – are the hallmarks of her unique sound.  Boucher is a talented artist who has successfully blended a set of uniquely diverse influences to create a sound many of us did not even realize was missing from our lives – the consummate artist, even the album art is the product of Boucher’s own creativity. Grimes has released four unique and experimental albums to date. Albums that take listeners on a dreamy electronic synth-trip that almost makes one feel like astral projection is possible.


In 2010 Grimes released her debut studio album Geidi Primes (a reference to Frank Herbert’s Dune novels). The album was noted for its dreamscape appeal and various influences. Halfaxa, Grimes’ second album, was released later that same year. While her first two albums were well-received; the 2012 release of Visions won her the Juno award for electronic album of the year. Also nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in the Best Canadian Album of 2012 category, Grimes lost to the talented Feist – a worthy opponent. In 2015 she was nominated in multiple categories at the MuchMusic Video Awards. A nomination for Video of the Year for the song Go (featuring Blood Diamonds) was lost to The Weeknd who won with his popular song/video Often.

Past accolades aside, Grimes released her fourth album Art Angels late last year to critical acclaim. Many music reviewers have credited the album as a top Canadian album for 2015. Danceable pop tracks such as REALiTi, Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream and Kill V. Maim are surreal enough to bend a few genres and appeal to a varied group of listeners. Grimes is a download must for fans of Foxes, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Halsey, Lykke Li, Gwen Stefani, and Brave Shores.

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