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The connection between 80’s flashy glam metal and the wildly innovative glam rock of the 1970’s is undoubtedly well-established; abiding a plethora of examples that support the many parallels that have been drawn by music critics and aficionados alike. Bands such as Poison, Warrant, and especially Motley Crue have been credited with the 80’s adaptation and reintroduction of the androgynous glam aesthetic honed in the 70’s by the likes of David Bowie, T-Rex, and Slade.

Glam is an inventive, imaginative, and exciting approach to performance art – almost irresistible to a creative mind and can be found in many musical genres, ranging from the work of pop musicians like Lady Gaga to alternative acts such as Tokyo Police Club. Today’s artists continue to borrow from esteemed glam pioneers like David Bowie and Marc Bolan who began popularizing the genre more than forty years ago. Bands like Atlanta rock group Biters are not only incorporating the 1970’s into their music and style, they are also translating the cool factor of 1980’s successors of glam such as Motley Crue – referencing these acts in refreshing new ways that resonate with music fans today.

Biters have successfully fused 1970’s and 1980’s glam elements with a style and sound that tips its hat to both. Formed in 2009 and currently signed to indie label Earache Records, sporting haircuts, denim and leather that almost make them look like they could have been members of Motley Crue, and a rock sound reminiscent of an earlier time in glam and punk rock history. One critic has aptly described the delicious Biters experience as enjoying “…a bite-sized slice of retro rock n roll debauchery…”

In 2015 Biters released their debut album Electric Blood. The album contains ten electrically-charged glam punk tracks. Songs including The Kids Ain’t Alright, Low Lives In High Definition and Restless Hearts. The album’s second track 1975 (especially when paired with its 70’s inspired music video) epitomizes what the band is all about:

I wanna lose my mind

I wanna rock’n’roll all night

Like it’s 1975

When all the kids were cool

And breakin’ all the rules  

Biters – 1975 (Official Video)

Please remember folks: it’s not cool to go around attacking people with switchblades. You can only get away with that if you’re cast in a BITERS video set specifically in the ’70s. #GRINDHOUSE#SwitchbladeSisters#YouJustDontGetThatFromACityAndColourVideo

Posted by Earache Records on Friday, February 5, 2016

If you are still mourning the recent loss of David Bowie, Electric Blood is proof that the spirit of his early work is very much alive and well today. Check out Biters for an auditory experience that will have you feeling a little like you’ve travelled back to 1984 – or maybe that’s 1974 – either way you’ll probably lose your mind.