Required Audio: The Dying Arts

The Dying Arts
Photo Credit: Rachel Bright (The Dying Arts Facebook Page)

A steady pulse is proof that despite the necrotic moniker, there is plenty of life in The Dying Arts.

Toronto’s The Dying Arts formed in 2011 with a sound that delicately references and blends legendary new rock influences to achieve brilliant results. A spot of Nirvana, a granule of Pearl Jam, a hint of Afghan Whigs, and at times, even subtle notes of Joy Division can be heard while listening to the band. A definitive list of the many exciting influences that can be picked out on the band’s latest release You Had It Coming (2015) may take a while, but there are still critics weighing in appreciatively. VICE/NOISEY have described The Dying Arts as “…the fury of Fugazi and early Nirvana meets the somber ambient soundscapes of later Radiohead…” High energy tracks such as Liar, Road Rage and a cover of Crystal Castles – check out You Had It Coming in its entirety by visiting the band’s YouTube channel here.

Bed Spins, Snake In The Grass, and Control are previously released tracks that appeared on the band’s eponymous debut EP which can also be heard on YouTube here.

Or you can visit the band’s website to stream both You Had It Coming and The Dying Arts EP

The Dying Arts will play a live show in Toronto on Saturday May 7th at The Bovine Sex Club.



Bed Spins

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