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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Geeko’s Funniest Valentine’s Day TV Episodes

Looking for something to watch this weekend that won’t have you or your Valentine reaching for a box of tissues? Granted, one can always laugh hard enough to burst the dam that holds back the swelling river of tears within us; but tears of comedic joy are preferable to tears born of romanticized despair (ahem… Titanic… The Notebook).

Of course, Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day of grand gestures or overly dramatic romance. Some Valentine dates will prefer a lower profile on February 14th, avoiding busy restaurants by ordering in or cooking at home and pairing said cuisine with a little at-home Valentine’s Day themed entertainment. So what to watch? Laughter can make a memorable night in and selecting the right thing to watch is all part of the fun!

A movie would be the obvious choice and there are plenty of films to choose from.  Casablanca for the traditional romantic, My Bloody Valentine for the couple who scare together or a plethora of rom-coms (if you need a hand finding one just look at Jennifer Anniston’s IMDB page).  This Valentines Day why not forgo the predictable and watch a few of these funny Valentine appropriate TV episodes from some of our favourite shows (you will find some of them on Netflix so Netflix and Chill – checkmark)!


Supernatural – My Bloody Valentine

Valentine’s Day with Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel and Cupid…


The Simpsons – I Love Lisa

Ralph uttered the words “I Choo Choo Choose You” and this Simpsons episode became Simpsons legend.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Dumped by Cordelia on Valentine’s Day, Xander becomes irrisistible to the women of Sunnydale after a witch’s spell backfires…


Charmed – Animal Pragmatism

On Valentine’s Day three animals are transformed into human men (but still behave like animals). During tge ensuing chaos Phoebe turns an entire bar of humans into animals!


Arrow – Draw Back Your Bow

Draw Back Your Bow is not a Valentine’s Day episode, it aired during the month of November. Heart-tipped arrows and a character named Cupid make this a fun Valentine’s episode, albeit with the darkness of the DC universe.


Community – Early 21st Century Romanticism

A Valentine’s Day school dance, tiny Andy Dick, and a Troy-Abed love triangle!

Did we miss one of your Valentine favourites? Leave us a comment below!