Want Deadpool To Win A Nobel?



While Ryan Reynolds continues to bask in the red afterglow of donning the iconic Deadpool suit (and forgoing the avocado-on-avocado mess of a face concealed beneath to return to his GQ looks) it is clear that Change.org will continue to attract supporters to the assortment of random Deadpool petitions that have cropped up on the site in recent months. The film continues to do very well at the box office, redeeming the actor behind our homegrown “merc with a mouth” for the not-so-great time he donned a “green animated suit” in another flick where Reynolds was cast as a very different kind of hero…


As Deadpool continues to take on a life of his own outside of the movie, to honour the awesomeness of his character, the patriotism we can all enjoy as a celebrated Canadian actor has now truly defined the role (really, it was a near-perfect casting), and the amazing absurdity of the entire Deadpool mythos, here is a handful of amusing petitions you can find on Change.org right now, fourth wall – be damned!

Petition to have Deadpool host SNL

To date, more than 50,000 have signed this petition – we don’t want Ryan Reynolds hosting SNL again, no Lorne Michaels, we want Deadpool.

SNL Petition To Lorne Michaels


Petition to Regina city council to erect a Deadpool statue in Saskatchewan

As the petition states – it is the town that rhymes with – fun… wait for it… got it? A giant Deadpool in Saskatchewan would be a great addition to Canada’s other giant statues – we can only imagine what Deadpool would have to say about the giant sausage in Mundare Alberta!

Regina City Council Statue Petition

Petition(s) For and Against PG13 Rating

In the months leading up to the movie’s release many of these petitions popped up – those both for and against a PG13 cut of the film.

Petition FOR a PG13 cut

Petition AGAINST a PG13 cut


Petition for an X Rated Deadpool

And then there was the petition that went beyond rejecting the PG13 rating to ask for an X – because we all want to pay extra to see it on pay per view right?

Petition For An X Rated Cut


Petition to get a Chimichanga shot from a cannon at people who want Deadpool to be PG13

Another extreme reaction to the rating debate – a very specific plan in fact, Deadpool would likely sign this petition himself.

The Chimichanga Petition


Petition for President Obama to nominate Deadpool for a Nobel Peace Prize

By far one of the strangest Deadpool petitions – Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Deadpool – with an impressive 5 change.org supporters, Obama must be considering it…

The Nobel Peace Prize Petition

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