Required Audio: Razorbats – Camp Rock


camp rock

Pack your overnight and check yourself in to Camp Rock this summer! Allow Norway’s Razorbats to school you in the fine art of making a classic rock album – in a market dominated by everything but.

About The Album

Citing influences such as Black Sabbath, The Who and Led Zeppelin, guitarist Kjetil F. Wevling (in a recent exclusive interview with UK rock news site Uber Rock) has given fans a little inside info about the album and the band’s particular brand of rock. Classic rock influences do appear to dominate the album, yet the Razorbat sound is still a diverse enough of a rock experience to cross the boundaries of other subgenres of rock.

About The Songs

Fans of 1980’s metal bands such as Poison, Warrant and Motley Crue will likely find the album as enjoyable as Sabbath and Zeppelin aficionados. To entice punk rock fans things do speed up a bit occasionally, in particular on tracks such as Subway Grinder (my personal Camp Rock favourite) and Betty Boop. The album’s faster rock tracks are also tempered by slower songs, which include Desolation Highway and Transformer. Kids of the 70’s is the first single to be released.

Camp Rock is a slice of Scandinavian innovation aimed at igniting the spark that sent kids in the 1970’s to rock concerts in droves – the stuff hard rock is made of, epic guitar riffs, amplified chaos and a sexy heavy beat to thread it all together. As far as debut rock albums go – this is no mirage, go ahead and quench your thirsty rock-deprived souls – the Razorbats have this one on lock.

Kids of the 70’s


Subway Grinder


Betty Boop




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