Vinyl collectors – and anyone who may be curious about collecting – it is not too late to visit a record shop today and join the party – it’s Record Store Day in Canada!

Many music fans will opt to listen to the vinyl  that they collect today – to enjoy the remarkable quality of the recording. Some collectors choose not to play the albums that they purchase and collect for various reasons including album art and to acquire rare/limited release albums. I am a collector in search of a record player and once I find one I intend to play the albums that I have acquired so far – at least once.

My vinyl collection includes a mere four albums to date – I am sharing three of them today. Unfortunately the fourth record is packed away in an unlabeled box and my enthusiasm to locate it did not last long enough to find it. My fourth record is a special Pearl Jam album that came as a bonus with the purchase of a skateboard – if I remember correctly it is a rare recording of an early PJ track and not a bad freebie at all…

As far as personal record collections go, we all have to begin somewhere! Whether you are just beginning to buy vinyl or adding to an existing library, you can find your closest participating record day store by visiting the Record Store Day Canada website.

Feel free to check out my tiny vinyl collection below!

The 45th  JUNO Awards – commemorative vinyl

2016 is the 45th JUNO year in Canadian history. As Burton Cummings was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame this year, this record includes a recording of “Stand Tall”. Also included is a recording of Bob Seger’s song “Rosalie”. The second track was added in honour of 2016 Walt Grealis special achievement award recipient Rosalie Tromblay (a legendary Canadian radio music director who Seger wrote the song to honour).


No Use For A Name – The Feel Good Record of The Year 

Purchased during a concert where No Use For A Name was the opening act. Buying vinyl and other merch at live shows is a great way to get cash directly into the hands of the artist(s) you’re supporting.


The Creepshow – Run For Your Life

Also purchased at a live show and… previously unopened.

In honour of Record Store Day 2016 I decided it was time to carefully slice open the plastic cover and slide this album out to photograph the pretty poison-apple green record that I knew was hidden inside!

Happy Record Store Day Canada!