Manufacturers make a ridiculous (and somewhat overwhelming) array of mascara and eyeliner options available to consumers.  With so many options to select from it can be easy to end up saddled with a product that you don’t like at all. Reviews are the only way to gain a little insight before you shop – and a little research is never a bad idea. Whatever you save when you don’t buy products blindly you can later spend on other new products throughout the year or splurge on a few of those prestige brand must-haves that you have been saving up for (perhaps the Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Versailles?).

img_20160414_2.pngLuxury brands can be worth the hype – provided that your budget can handle the extra expense. Always be critical of what you are buying – not all luxury items are better than their drugstore counterparts – never miss a great bargain!

When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, Maybelline has always been a beauty brand leader with a very inexpensive price tag. Of the many Maybelline products available today, Colossal Cat Eyes Volum Express Mascara and Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner are excellent everyday options for an easy flawless look.

The Colossal Cat Eyes

Maybelline mascaras are inexpensive and very effective. Dramatic looks can be achieved on a budget – why pay more unnecessarily? The brand’s ever-popular Great Lash has been a beauty bag staple for girls for decades, and the Colossal series is another hit for MB!

The Prosmaybelline-new-york-the-colossal-cat-eyes-mascara

  • Mascara is light – if you have sensitive eyes this mascara (when new) does not itch or scratch.
  • Separates lashes well, brush is curved to help with coverage to edge of lashes on outside corner (hence “cat eye” look).
  • Waterproof formula, but washes away easily at the end of your day.
  • Doesn’t smell bad, and is very inexpensive to buy $6.96 if you order it online at walmart.ca.

 The Cons

  • Must be replaced a little sooner than usually recommended (but low cost offsets this).

Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner 

Love, love, love this eyeliner – it is exactly what it says it is – precise.  However, as with all eye makeup looks remember to blend everything properly, and if you want the line to appear darker, go over it once after you finish blending your eye-shadow.

The Prosmaybelline-new-york-eye-studio-master-precise-ink-pen-eyeliner

  • Precise lines are much easier with the ink/pen style.
  • Pretty much impossible to create an “ink blob” while drawing, the tip does not leak.
  • Easy to tightline with this because it is basically a fine tip sharpie for your eyeline.
  • Price – walmart.ca is selling this stuff for $8.96.

The Cons

  • Smell isn’t a wow factor here, but who cares when you can finally create a line that doesn’t make you look like you were drunk while drawing it?