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Prince, not unlike David Bowie, embraced androgyny in his fashion choices. Both men were style icons and both men can arguably be traced back to their respective Little Richard influences. Bowie played bold and distinct “roles” such as the Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust, while Prince approached his image shifts from a much subtler angle. Leather, lace, feathers, diamonds and pearls – a soft opulence permeates much of the on-stage choices that were made by Prince, particularly during the 1980’s. At times, Prince’s style could be as smooth as a set of satin sheets.

The Purple Rain era may have delivered the incarnation of Prince that is most often conjured when we hear his name, but there are many other examples of his chic fashion sense. For the fashion world, celebrating decades of Prince’s unique style is equally as relevant as honouring his contributions to songwriting in the music world.

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