Is there anything more metal than that which is of the “Russian, Turbo and Polka” variety?

I recently had a conversation that went a little something like this…

Random musing of friend: “Someone should make ska and metal a thing…”

[Insert google search…]

Me: “Someone did…”

[Insert Russkaja…]

Friend: “This. I am legit amazed…”

Vienna’s Russkaja is what I can only describe as an insanely delicious cocktail infused with a lot of Russian-inspired ska, a little polka, a little of almost anything else you can think of and… yes… metal – the result is actually pretty amazing!

Not since first hearing Nintendocore and Baby Metal have I been as amused as I am watching a Russkaja video. I have no idea what they are singing about (most of the time) but the music has a “happy vibe” that is beyond infectious. Warning – if you try to categorize Russkaja (just like Cinderella’s step-sisters) you’ll probably have to snip off a few toes to make the glass slipper fit just right…


Russkaja includes a violinist and trumpet player in addition to the traditional bass/guitar/drums/vocals. Four albums and two EPs have been released, with the most recent – Peace, Love & Russian Roll out just last year. Favourite tracks from the band’s discography that I have discovered so far include Energia, and Rock N Roll Today.


Signed to Napalm Records, many Russkaja songs are like sound bombs – exploding with the shrapnel of many random sounds and influences. The polka infusion is very Weird Al (albeit, if he wasn’t such a novelty act), and the vocals may even remind some of Rammstein (a little – maybe without the sunshine and rainbows). As far as a ska/metal mashup goes Russkaja definitely delivers on that promise (Barada and El Pueblo Unido forgo much of the genre-bending in favour of a more classic ska sound, think Mighty Mighty Bosstones).


Oh and the band’s cover and hilarious video of Katy Perry’s Roar – is pretty much my new go-to – if I need something right to brighten me up on a day that is all wrong.

If a little Peace, Love and Russian Roll would make your day brighter today – you will definitely want to check out Russkaja!