The Naked & Famous @ Mod Club


Photo: Walid Lodin

Published on  April 5th, 2016 03:37 pm
To read my review of the show on the 102.1 The Edge website please click here, where you can also view more photos like the one above and some video footage of the band’s performance. As the article has never been published on 12monthsofapril before, a text only version appears below.

New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous played to a sold out crowd at The Mod Club in Toronto this past weekend. While the quintet boasts many accolades south of the equator at home with their highly danceable electro-rock-pop sound, international success has definitely been a slower build. TNAF have steadily gained ground with a following in North America by relocating to the states and after lending many of their songs to advertisers who have in turn increased the band’s northern exposure.

The delighted crowd who gathered at Mod Club on Friday to watch TNAF’s energetic live performance are proof positive that the band has found many fans in Toronto. The Naked and Famous sound great live, creating an intimate ambiance and delivering wave after wave of undulating sounds.  After attending a live TNAF show, it is clear that In Rolling Waves, released in 2013, was an aptly named studio album. The Naked and Famous do not create music to simply listen to – it is a dish best served live and no wonder the group is gaining ground with fans everywhere.

The Mod Club’s ceiling chandeliers were in full swing as the band performed many great tracks from their repertoire. Vocalist Alisa Xayalith sang directly to the crowd, engaging those lucky enough to be positioned close to the stage. Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers delivered a haunting and beautiful performance of Waltzfrom the band’s second album – definitely a show highlight.

By the end of the show, when the band broke into their popular 2010 track Young Blood (released on the band’s debut album Passive You, Aggressive Me), virtually all concert-goers were dancing and singing along in unison to the fan-favourite track. Overall, an exchange of love and support for the band (Toronto-style) was equally swapped for a fantastic live performance. If you missed your chance to see The Naked and Famous live, you definitely won’t want to miss them next time!


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