Vintage Pick – Psi Com


Many will have heard Jane’s Addiction, including the vocal stylings of legendary Lollapalooza founder and band frontman Perry Farrell. By contrast, very few will have heard the much darker music of Farrell’s first musical venture, the short-lived gothic punk outfit Psi Com.


Jane’s Addiction (and later Porno for Pyros) was a colossal departure from the music of Psi Com for Farrell, with the latter sounding about as different from the former as Joy Division varies from New Order. Farrell’s early vocals are almost unrecognizable and during his time with Psi Com he sounded a lot more like Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy than the man who lends his voice to classic new rock albums such as Ritual De Lo Habitual and Nothing’s Shocking. 

Psi Com formed in the early 80’s in Los Angeles at a time when experimental California punk was rampant and the birth of alternative mainstays such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers was imminent. An eponymous 12″ EP was released in 1985 on the LA based label Triple X Records. The EP contained 5 songs, Xiola, Human Condition, Winds, City of Nine Gates and stand out track Ho Ka Hey.  Psi Com was later re-issued in the early nineties – likely due to the overwhelming popularity of Jane’s Addiction and Perry Farrell himself.

Curious about Perry Farrell before Jane’s Addiction? Be sure to check out Psi Com, and if you can find this vintage pick on vinyl it may be worth the investment to add the album to your collection!

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