Eric’s Trip first emerged from the Canadian east coast music scene in the early nineties. Signed to Sub Pop Records, the band took its name from a Sonic Youth song and quickly earned the right to borrow from the esteemed alternative act, proving that their music lives up to the standards of their influences.

An assortment of EPs and a handful of studio albums have been released throughout the band’s career, with 1993’s Love Tara remaining an Eric’s Trip fan-favourite to this day.  The album is an important Canadian contribution to the history and development of new rock, inspiring many Canadian artists – even legendary Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie.

Love Tara has been praised by critics for its raw embodiment of the “fragile” and “wild” nature of youth. Similar to the music of Sonic Youth, Eric’s Trip immortalized the spirit of what it was like to be young in the nineties, trapping a piece of history vis-a-vis alt-rock angst forever captured on vinyl. Fifteen tracks dominated by fuzzy guitars and punctuated by the sweet, dreamy, vocals of Julie Doiron comprise this must-own vintage alternative album.

Opening with the haunting acoustic track Behind The Garage, Love Tara brilliantly fluctuates between the heavy distortion rock of songs such as My Room and Blinded and the beautiful melody of tracks such as Secret for Julie and Stove (a track thathas been covered by fellow east-coast alt-rockers Sloan).

Love Tara is a bona fide record collection staple for fans of alternative rock and arguably one of the best Canadian albums of the nineties. If you are not familiar with Eric’s Trip, start with Love Tara!