Citizen Edge June 9th 2016: Toronto’s 7th Annual Open Roof Festival

Toronto’s 7th Annual Open Roof Festival

Toronto’s 7th Annual Open Roof Festival

Toronto, ON, Canada / 102.1 the Edge
-By April Potter

The seventh annual Open Roof Festival (ORF) arrives on June 21st this year, just one day after the official first day of summer 2016. A festival with a little something for everyone, ORF is the perfect way to kick off summer and enjoy music and film in Toronto.

Film screenings and live music will be available from a variety of genres with a plethora of interesting food trucks to check out including the Food Dudes. A thirst-quenching beer from the delicious Amsterdam Brewery will be the perfect summer bevy to wash it all down in the summer heat.

Wrapping up in late August, the festival runs for 10 weeks at 99 Sudbury, just southwest of Queen Street West and Dovercourt Road. For more information please visit the ORF website here.

To satisfy your immediate curiosity, here is a list of featured events that you can attend for just $15 a ticket – happy summer, and happy ORF!

Films (with more to be announced):

June 21stEverybody Wants Some!! (2016) – in the review for this film it is heralded as the “spiritual successor” to the 1993 classic Dazed and Confused!



June 28thSing Street (2016) – 1980’s pop and teen romance (cue Duckie!).



July 5thThe Lobster (2015) – single people have 45 days to swipe yes and find a match on Tinder or risk turning into animals (ok maybe there is no Tinder, but the rest of it is actually the plot for this movie!).



July 13thSleeping Giant (2016) – three bored teens spend their summer on the shores of Lake Superior, what trouble will they get up to?



July 20 – Off The Rails (2016) – the story of a man with Aspergers syndrome who loves transit so much that impersonating NYC transit employees was worth going to jail!



August 10 – A Bigger Splash (2015) – Tilda Swinton stars as a famous rock star, an interesting casting choice for the incredibly talented thespian!



August 17 – My Blind Brother (2016) – two brothers, a charity swim competition and lots of family drama.



August 24 – Hunt For The Wilder People (2016) – this film centers on the story of a national manhunt in New Zealand for a wild child and his foster uncle.




June 21stMatrox – a band that wears robot costumes!
June 28thFresh Snow – with songs that vary in style from “Godspeed to Kraftwerk to Mogwai” this local indie instrumental band’s performance will be punctuated by the sounds of horns and strings.
July 5thKayla Diamond – covers, mashups and originals, a pianist with a beautiful voice, Kayla will definitely be a crowd pleaser!
July 13thBruce Peninsula – an interesting mix of American gospel, African folk music and modern progressive rock!
July 20thTomi Swick – Tomi, from Hamilton, can play many instruments and this includes military style drums and… the bagpipes!
August 3rdGrand Analog – the creator and lead vocalist has declared the group’s sound as “a beautiful mess of Rap’n’Roll, Dub and Soul”.
August 10thChloe Charles – a fusion of “soul, folk, pop, jazz and classical” set to Chloe’s beautiful vocals.
August 17thSam Drysdale – a talented vocalist, Sam’s influences include City and Colourand Coldplay!
August 23rdYuka – a blend of soul, rhythm and blues (the perfect festival wind-down music).
August 24thMost People – art-pop with a slice of experimental fun a musical duo that will make you want to dance!

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