gahanDavid Callcott, born May 9th 1962 in Essex, was destined to later become legendary Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan. Dave’s soulful baritone blend of the heady emotions conjured up in every Depeche Mode song – the perfect match for Martin Gore’s lyrics. Today on Dave Gahan’s birthday – discs 5-14 – an all-Depeche edition of The Collection.

My Depeche Mode collection began on cassette tape and once I switched to discs I regret that I didn’t replace my them with the new format. I have now started to collect music in a digital format. My Depeche Mode vinyl collection is off to a slow but exciting start, I have one so far – Behind The Wheel/Route 66 the remix album. I originally had this on cassette and am thrilled to have received it on vinyl as a gift from my younger brother last year (our family’s reigning champion “best gift-giver”). In my first disc collection post I featured two Depeche Mode albums,  and to honour Dave Gahan’s birthday today, here are the balance of Depeche Mode discs that I own.


#5 Recoil –  Bloodline

Depeche Mode parted ways with Alan Wilder in 1995. Alan began to focus more of his attention on electronic music and his side project, Recoil, became more of a primary focus. While not a Depeche Mode album, Bloodline was released in 1992 while Alan was still a member of the band. The single “Faith Healer” charted in the UK, and the album is recognizably stamped with the signature Alan Wilder influence. Sisters of Mercy, Nitzer Ebb, KMFDM fans will appreciate this album.


#6 Martin L. Gore – Counterfeit E.P.

As the primary songwriter for Depeche Mode, Martin Gore’s solo efforts will definitely appeal to Depeche Mode fans. Counterfeit E.P. was released in 1989 and while the songs on the album are cover songs, the arrangements are all Martin. Gore’s beautiful and haunting versions of “Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth” and “Motherless Child” are sublime.


#7 Depeche Mode – Singles: The Meaning of Love & Oberkorn (It’s a small town)

In highschool I had a plan to buy all of the Depeche Mode singles I could find, the problem was that my local music store was too good – he stocked every single known to man, bootlegs, and more. I was faced with a surplus of choice and a deficit in my wallet. The first single I bought was “The Meaning of Love” from the band’s second album (and first without Vince Clarke), A Broken Frame. “Oberkorn”, the bonus track on this single, was not released on the album.


#8 Depeche Mode – Hysterikahysterika

A bootleg treasure recorded live at the Orfeo Music Hall in Milan, Italy on March 6th 1984. One of only a thousand copies, Hysterika was unofficially released 5 times at 1000 discs each time. My copy is one of the final thousand  “Live Storm” versions released in 1994.

#9 Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

Released in 1986 Black Celebration is one of my favourite Depeche Mode albums. In fact, I love this album so much that I’ve already devoted an entire blog to it on its 30th anniversary which you can read here.


#10 Depeche Mode – Music For The Masses

The legendary album that propelled Depeche Mode to a new level of success and generated multiple hit singles for the band. Music For The Masses sparked the 101 Tour, which ended with a fully-packed sold out Pasadena Rose Bowl in California dubbed the “concert for the masses”.


#11 Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes

“World In My Eyes” was released on the 1990 studio album Violator. The single came with two “B side” tracks that were not released on the album. “Sea of Sin” and “Happiest Girl” are the perfect compliment to the album track on this single. Also included is the popular “oil tank mix” of “World In My Eyes”.


#12 Depeche Mode – Songs of Faith and Devotion Live

I had a cassette version of the studio album in my collection, my parents bought me the live CD as a Christmas present. I have always enjoyed listening to DM live. I have seen the band a few times and own a copy of 101 on VHS in addition to Hysterika (see #8). The audience is a key part of the full experience when it comes to Depeche Mode.


#13 Depeche Mode – In Your Room

Another single that I chose to add to my collection – from the Songs of Faith and Devotion album. Alan Wilder’s final music video with Depeche Mode was for this single. The video was intended to act as a “retrospective” with references to past DM videos made during the Alan Wilder years.


#14 Depeche Mode – Ultra

Ultra is an album that remains firmly rooted in good memories for me. A close friend and I bonded over this album, later seeing the band live together twice (The Singles Tour in 1998 and the Exciter tour in 2001). We forever cemented our relationship as life-long besties to this soundtrack. “The Bottom Line” was the song my husband and I chose to be our “first dance” song as a married couple. Happy Birthday Dave Gahan!