Why You should try Yves Rocher’s Intense Hydrating Mask this winter…


Proving that it is not the size, but the thoughtfulness of a gift that matters most, one of my favourite gifts this year has to be Yves Rocher’s Hydra Vegetal Intense Hydrating Mask. I received one 75ml tube of winter-survival from a family member who swears by Yves Rocher. With nordic roots and gorgeous, youthful skin, I was happy to gain a little insight into her beauty rituals and excited to give this mask a try. After just one use, this is the gift that has officially become my Christmas 2017 standout.


Unlike masks that I have gravitated towards in the past, this mask does not require any water. I have tried a plethora of masks and peels, typically favouring the former – but clay masks are often thick, messy, and accompanied by a strong scent. The Intense Hydrating Mask has a light odour, is really easy to use and avoids the mess of many other popular masks. The formula itself is very light and you do not need very much of it to achieve an even coverage. Recommended wait time is 5 minutes and recommended use is once or twice per week, making this mask easy to fit into a busy routine. After 5 minutes, gently wipe off any excess product with a cotton ball and you will immediately feel the benefits!

The package promises to “hydrate and intensely replenish” – a proposition it delivers with the help of its secret weapon – maple sap proven to “regenerate the moisture capture cells” in skin (apropos for a Canuck).  I used the mask before I went to bed and noticed the hydrating effects to my skin both immediately after use as well as the next day. The appearance of pores and fine lines have been greatly diminished on my face and a radiance I have not seen since my last facial (10 months ago!) has returned to my skin.

If you are interested in trying this highly recommended product  you can get in on a great boxing week sale if you act fast by receiving 50% off if you order on the Yves Rocher website today. Add this to your winter survival kit and your face will thank you!


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