the beaches

I commute sometimes so I listen to the radio, I also like to hear what is popular and keep up with the newest top songs (especially on the rock and new rock stations). After reviewing a few 2017 lists of top radio play songs it’s clear that my tastes were best aligned with Edmonton’s Sonic 102.9 radio listeners this past year. I wanted to see how many songs that I liked actually made the cut for these year-end lists. I decided to cross-reference my top picks from three of the lists including, Billboard, 102.1 The Edge (Toronto, Ontario) and 102.9 Sonic (a station I used to listen to when I lived in Edmonton, Alberta). I extracted the songs that I prefer from each list and ranked them in my own descending order. My lists are much, much shorter than the source material…

Interestingly, my top pick for each list is different but my second pick is the same. My last and second-to-last picks are also the same in each list. The Killers surprised me with “The Man” in 2017, I don’t typically listen to them but I found that this song stood out during the summer of 2017 and I feel the same way about Portugal The Man (I wouldn’t buy either album but I definitely didn’t change the radio station when these tracks were played – and played, and played…).

Of my three top picks I would definitely say that The Beaches “Money” is my favourite new song of the year and they are also a Toronto-based band that I’m really excited to watch out for – discovered by listening to the radio in 2017.

Billboard Top 100 of 2017

  1. Halsey feat. Lauren Jauregui, “Strangers” (ranked number 97/100)
  2. Alice Merton, “No Roots” (ranked number 81/100)
  3. The Killers, “The Man” (ranked 99/100)
  4. Portugal. The Man, “Feel It Still” (ranked 10/100)

102.1 The Edge Top 20 of 2017

  1. The Beaches, “Money” (ranked 7/20)
  2. Alice Merton, “No Roots” (ranked 16/20)
  3. Foo Fighters, “The Sky Is A Neighbourhood” (ranked 9/20)
  4. The Killers, “The Man” (ranked 6/20)
  5. Queens of the Stone Age – “The Way You Used To Do” (ranked 4/20)
  6. Portugal. The Man, “Feel It Still” (ranked 2/20)

102.9 Sonic Top 50 of 2017

  1. K. Flay, “Blood In The Cut” (ranked 38/50)
  2. Alice Merton, “No Roots” (ranked 26/50)
  3. Sir Sly, “High” (ranked 15/50)
  4. July Talk, “Picturing Love” (ranked 5/50)
  5. Twenty One Pilots – “Heavydirtysoul” (ranked 10/50)
  6. July Talk, “Beck + Call” (ranked 28/50)
  7. Foo Fighters, “The Sky Is A Neighbourhood” (ranked 40/50)
  8. Queens of the Stone Age, “The Way You Used To Do” (ranked 3/50)
  9. The Killers, “The Man” (ranked 29/50)
  10. Portugal. The Man, “Feel It Still” (ranked 1/50)