Passionate Kiss

Movies, television, music videos – we’ve been capturing lip-locks of all varieties on film for more than a century now. Everyone has an opinion, a favourite, a bona fide scene-stealing kiss that they secretly wish real life could live up to. While I don’t really watch romantic films and I’m not really into rom-coms or the traditional “chick-flick” – occasionally the hype is so good I break down and watch something really gushy like “The Notebook”. Sure, I could find more than 5 great kisses from the movies (either in or out of the romance genre) but I think a handful is more than enough for a Monday afternoon.

Before I get to the list, I was curious so I did a little digging on the subject of kissing itself. Why do we do it? What makes it so incredible?

First, and most obvious – it’s all about the chemicals. We get a lot out of kissing – oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins – kissing can even relieve pain. Next time you’re stumbling around in the dark getting dressed for work and you stub your toe, after you’ve exhausted all expletives, try hopping back into bed for a passionate kiss with your partner. You’ll probably forget all about your throbbing toe (and your morning mood should definitely improve).

Second to making us feel good, it’s proven that kissing also has physical health benefits which include lowering blood pressure, improved heart health, boosted immunity and improved oral hygiene (and that’s not just because you’re likely brushing more to keep fresh breath). Also, the more make-out sessions you partake in, the more you’re actually working out the muscles in your face – so if you want to stay looking young, don’t give up on sneaking in a few strategic make-out sessions with your partner as often as possible.

Finally, kissing’s impact to our overall mental health is paramount. In the movies we are often confronted with this scene:  character is losing or failing at something, they receive a passionate, encouraging kiss from their love/lust interest – invigorated and full of confidence, said character is able to turn things around and win or succeed. It may seem far-fetched but it’s actually not really so far off the mark. A passionate kiss lets us feel valuable, wanted, empowered, needed, encouraged – and so much more. Whether it is prompted by love or lust, it really doesn’t matter. After all, “a kiss is just a kiss” – but yet it’s really so much more.

Here are 5 incredible kissing scenes to inspire your next epic make-out, even if you’re not hitched to anyone at the moment, you might want to try and find somebody you can kiss on the regular – I mean, it’s for your… health…

The Princess Bride

Who doesn’t love this film, its meandering tale of true love, cast of colourful characters and… well, Cary Elwes…. pretty much singlehandedly set the ideal for how an entire generation would like to be romanced.

The Notebook

Whether you find the story to be poignant or saccharine, the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is palpable – and this kiss in particular, is well-steeped in hot-blooded human fantasy.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Just like Ryan and Rachel, real chemistry behind the scenes likely contributed to making this scene so interesting and passionate – great acting doesn’t hurt but when there’s real tension between on-screen couples it definitely makes a difference. And we all know that this is the movie that brought this once real-life couple together.

Cruel Intentions

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair’s “1st base lesson”.

Cruel Intentions had a huge appeal for me when it was released. I had just finished reading “Les Liasons dangereuses” by Laclos and had moved on to reading the Marquis De Sade. Dangerous Liasons was already a favourite film and I’d just seen it at Theatre Passe Muraille on stage. Ryan Phillipe was super hot and Sarah Michelle Gellar was perfectly cast. In a film with many excellent kissing scenes to choose from, this scene between Gellar and Blair is definitely one of the film’s highlights.

Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick’s sexiest and final film. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were actually married at the time and acting in a film where infidelity is central to its plot. While I’m not much of a Cruise fan, I’m a Kubrick die-hard and Kidman is undeniably beautiful. Regardless, we can thank the couple and the director for more than a few intense, passionate kissing scenes. It’s never easy to find good video clips of Kubrick’s work, so here’s a still – if you haven’t seen this one, you should really just find a copy of it and watch the entire movie anyway.