I remember the first time I heard them – not so coincidentally it was also the first time I saw them.

It was the epoch of the music video.

The song was “500 Up” and the album was “Smeared” – and 1992 turned out to be a big year. For Nova Scotia – a quartet of Canadian treasures was discovered by the youth of our nation in the ever-harmonious alt-rockers that comprise the band Sloan.

Fast forward to 2018 – we’ve had almost 30 years of Sloan releases to prove this super group is deserving of their well-cemented status as Canadian rock royalty.

In my opinion, 2018’s release “12” is prog rock reinvented for a new era. Naturally, “12” is a dozen songs in length and reflects a level of musicianship that only seasoned professionals with 11 successful albums behind them could produce.

With some critics comparing Sloan to the Beatles, and others simply recognizing the late-stage career prowess of a band operating on it’s permanent A-game – the majority of reviews have been very positive for this album.

The lead single, “Spin Our Wheels” is a classic Sloan track penned by Chris Murphy.

My initial impressions – I could easily pop this on while driving with my dad (a huge fan of late seventies progressive rock). I believe we would both enjoy making a road trip with this album as our soundtrack. The album echoes of King Crimson, the Alan Parsons Project, ELO, Yes, Pink Floyd – and yes, obviously the Beatles (what genre didn’t the Fab Four explore?).

Yet, at the same time, that magic thing that many 90s teens crave (the nostalgia is strong with this generation) – is also that magic thing that makes Sloan so popular with many thirty-somethings to this day.

A dozen “thank yous” to Sloan for hitting us with another rock solid album, if you haven’t already heard it, download “12” and check it out for yourself – and maybe grab your dad if he grew up in the late 70s?