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I first began writing for Kawartha Now in 2018. I’d been publishing on my own website for a couple of years and had also been published in print and online for a number of different publications. To get April Potter published and read by a much broader audience, I wanted to find a home for my writing that would expose it to as many people as possible.  My debut assignment was to cover the opening of Venture 13 in the town of Cobourg. I moved to Northumberland County in 2015 and discovered Kawartha Now while working a temporary job with Port Hope Tourism. When the opportunity to apply to become a contributing writer popped up I jumped on it.

Working with Kawartha Now and the team behind it, Jeannine Taylor and Bruce Hood, has been a wonderful experience. I have completed a variety of assignments to date. Every interview I’ve finished has been interesting. I’ve even learned a few new things – especially while on assignment covering the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).

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I have had the pleasure of shooting a lot of photos for Kawartha Now to accompany my articles. I enjoy composing a shot, deciding what should/shouldn’t be in the frame and cropping/editing later if required. Photography is just another form of visual art. I like to picture that whatever I’m shooting is going to later become a painting that I’m going to attempt. As I’m framing a shot I always consider how I’d like to see it if it were presented on a canvas.

To view examples of my photography, please visit my gallery.


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