Canada Day Playlist 2018

We seem to have a limitless source of immeasurable talent within our borders. Talented Canadian musicians are abundant, as are brilliant songwriters. Mirroring the Canadian musical landscape itself, here is an eclectic list of songs (in no particular order). Happy Canada Day! 13 Engines – Bred in the Bone Neil Young – The Needle and…

90s Songs: Guilty Pleasures from the Gut

Songs from the “gut” – a 90s and early 00s specialty. Call it angst, call it whatever you want – people loved strong, emotional vocals that you can’t help but really let loose to when you sing along.

The Collection: Discs 5 – 14 “The Depeche Mode Edition”

David Callcott, born May 9th 1962 in Essex, was destined to later become legendary Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan. Dave’s soulful baritone blend of the heady emotions conjured up in every Depeche Mode song – the perfect match for Martin Gore’s lyrics. Today on Dave Gahan’s birthday – discs 5-14 – an all-Depeche edition of The Collection.