2017 In Review: Top Radio Songs

The Beaches are a Toronto-based band that I’m really excited to watch out for…


The Collection: Discs 5 – 14 “The Depeche Mode Edition”

David Callcott, born May 9th 1962 in Essex, was destined to later become legendary Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan. Dave’s soulful baritone blend of the heady emotions conjured up in every Depeche Mode song – the perfect match for Martin Gore’s lyrics. Today on Dave Gahan’s birthday – discs 5-14 – an all-Depeche edition of The Collection.

The Collection: Discs 1 – 4

Funny to think that we, in the not-so-distant past, relied almost entirely on polycarbonate discs approximately 1 milimetre thick to populate our music collections. The “future” was the compact disc – tape decks and turntables hibernated… Today, the tape deck remains a relic of the past and the CD isn’t too far behind it. Vinyl…